Odell Hussey is a photographer based in San Francisco, CA. He works with clients to create engaging content that adds value to their personal brand, services, or products. He offers more than just someone who can take your picture, but someone who offers a partnership in the creative process from beginning to the end. 

What Clients have said


You've been such a great partner to the Marketing department (and beyond) at OMCA and it was such a pleasure to work with you and get to know you.

- Kelly Koski

Odell was a professional through and through. Arrived on time, took amazing photos and had them uploaded and sent to us the same day. Definitely recommend!

- Curtis L.

I've had the fantastic experience of working with Odell Hussey for 5+ years on various projects across multiple event brands. He's always knowledgeable and works extremely quickly when faced with tight deadlines. He never compromises quality or creativity on any project, always offering solutions and suggestions along the way. I highly recommend Odell's work in video production and editing.

-Amanda Penalosa

2FS (Kensho Kuma x Orukusaki) recently went to Odell Hussey Photography to get professional photos taken. Odell has extensively worked with the local music scene and his work at the popular Nonstop Bhangra parties has been critically acclaimed by the clientele. I believe that his photography of local independent fixtures Rafael Sarria of La Gente, Coco Peila, and Mandeep Sethi accurately captures their vibrantly colorful personalities. During the 2 hour shoot Odell’s passion for his craft was more than evident and I wholeheartedly recommend his expertise for any artists in need of professional photos.

- Kensho Kuma

Odell is one of the most talented, creative, and professional photographer/videographers in San Francisco i know. I have been working with him professionally for many years. I am the co-founder of an award winning monthly event and collective here in SF called Non Stop Bhangra that has been producing events/performances for over 11 yrs. Odell has been our only photographer since he came on board almost 5years ago. He has captured us at some of the most landmark SF venues and platforms over the years ranging from performing art centers, museums, theaters & auditoriums, concert venues, nightclubs, outdoor festivals and more.

- Non Stop Bhangra

I love this man. Phenomenal photographer with a great personality. Creative, quick and thorough. A true professional. Can't wait for another shoot!


Odell is awesome. 100% My stuff came out great.

- DeShawn Davis

I have known Odell and his work for over 20 years! He is a great professional!

- Tanea Dal Piva

Odell is the best, to work with or just hang out with. His photos are always shot so well, and his passion for both photography and film are felt the second you spend time with him. I highly recommend him for any photo shoot you might need or shooting short or full-length video to tell your story. Top notch guy!

- Jimmy Love