Q&A with Jimmy Love

by Odell Hussey

My name is Jimmy "Love" Little, I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico though I grew up moving all around the US.  Currently hailing from the beautiful Bay Area, I have a wide range of creative outlets which I fortunately get to do daily. I have spent many years of my life as a painter, which has transformed into graphic designing in recent years. My art and graffiti background lends to thick lines and iconic imagery which I have weaved into my secondary passion, music. I have been a music event producer in the Bay Area for over 10 years, collaborating with some of my favorite talent locally and beyond. I helped start an event in San Francisco called Non Stop Bhangra, which has reached a 10 year run providing an outlet for lovers of Bhangra music and dance. Through it, I have toured all over North America and played on some amazing stages around acts I have total respect for. We are currently running our monthly party out of one of the top clubs in SF, and I am getting to book international touring acts at the highest level. I also do design for one of the other larger event production companies in the Bay, so over all I am working on design for some of the best music acts coming through the Bay Area. 

What does your work mean to you? 

My work is my connection to life. Sometimes what I wish life would look and sound like, sometimes just a vehicle to bringing people together. I tend to look at the oneness of everyone, and I like to focus on being another curator of unity in the community. I grew up around many different cultures and deeply understand that art and music have a similar essence in all of them. At lives heart, it's all an adventure to explore the human journey and I feel through exploring the imagery and collecting of ideas is the way we progress down our own road. Since I was young I always enjoyed organizing and bringing things together, and somehow my life has found a good balance of doing that with also allowing me to express myself through sound and design. 

Jimmy Love

What is your biggest dream for your work?

That any part of what I do or create effects positive change in the community or world around me. I think the evoking of inspiration, or reminder that we are all unique in our oneness is much needed in a world most the time too focused on what separates us. My main dream is to be able to get out as many thoughts as expressions as I can, and continue to elevate the focus until it reaches as many people as I was put here to touch. I also hope to be able to pass on what I learn so that other people can take steps to doing what they love for a living like I was fortunate to be able to do in my lifetime. With every year I can see the road ahead more clearly, so at this time in my life I feel the full direction of where I can go with things.

NSB_107_Jimmy Love

What is the best thing about the work you do?

I get to be around other artists, and do what I love with my love. What we leave here is a song of our life, and I am happy I get to sing every day with people I have grown to now and love. Also, knowing that what I have provided with Non Stop Bhangra is such a great outlet for an entire community. Not many people get to feel those things in a life. I think most of us strive for a purpose or reason to be here, and I feel I have been able to do my part. 

What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

Consistency of income. The arts for the most part are considered something people mostly do on the side. Building up a high level portfolio and working towards only working with good clients in a freelance world is a challenge. You have to put in thousands of hours that are never paid for to do this.

Jimmy Love

What has been the biggest learning point or choice you’ve made in your life?

I have had a few in my life, but the biggest was learning how to step away from a bad situation and take it on myself to change my life. At a few points in my life I found myself in unhealthy situations, be it living or work environments. At a young age I was forced to make some hard personal choices about my living situation, and I think standing up for what I wanted and needed to live in a better environment allowed me to always know I control my life and can always fix whatever I need to. I have seen that play out in many area of my life, and has been a great personal tool of independence. 

Jimmy Love

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your life?

There is so much more to learn and gain when going the tougher road than sticking to what is comfortable. To actually create the change you imagine. Making a plan of attack based on a dream and going after it with the realistic idea that not everything will work out as planned but you will learn. In every failure there is something learned, and those will be your best tools to understand what you need to push forward. Last, never give up.

Jimmy Love

What is the best advice you would offer to another creative?

Learn how to learn. I know that sounds obvious, but I have found once a person gets truly focused on learning their craft they gain a clarity on why learning is so important. You start to see how everything is connected, and why you need to learn different things you never found as important. It's great you want to be in a band or artists, but how will you handle the money or touring or managing your time. To succeed you will have to learning everything from marketing to design, and even if you are one of the lucky and become famous, how your money and lifestyle are managed is essential to also living a happy life with manageable stress.